We're about People and the Workplace

Grounded on the belief that every individual is unique and can be successful - and that people can flourish if they are employed in the right organisation, team and position. We provide diagnostics and interventions on individual, team and organisational level to enhance the overall employee experience and engagement.

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  • Career Assessments & Feedback
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Management Workshops
  • Leadership Development Assessments


  • Diagnostics & Interventions
  • Team Building
  • Group Discussions
  • Conflict Handling Facilitation


  • Organisation & Job Design Reviews
  • Employee Experience Audits
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Development Plans



Industrial Psychologist

Those who have a "why" to live, can bear with almost any "how" - Victor Frankl

My "why" is to make the workplace a better place for everyone. I have had interactions with people in the workplace for more than 13 years in different HR roles and various industries. These engagements with employees, managers and senior management teams provided me with the required skills to assist companies with various people management strategies, practices and projects on individual, team and organisational levels.


Tanya successfully implemented a whole host of people management projects during her employment at Brolink. I would highly recommend her services to any prospective client.

Merwe Erasmus - Operational Director

Tanya was great to work with as Tanya was both pleasant and professional at the same time. Tanya earned the respect of both Executive management and the staff within her own department. Tanya displayed an excellent ability to multi-task and prioritise critical processes and projects which made a significant difference in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Based on my experience in working closely with Tanya, I believe Tanya would be an asset to any organisation.

Lloyd Holmes CA (SA) - Chief Financial Officer

Tanya and I have worked together on several projects that involved legal or compliance matters. She always made decisions that would benefit the company and the people. I can recommend her services to any client who is looking for someone to handle their people management matters with excellence and professionalism.

Arthur Davies - Attorney, Van Ellinckhuijzen Davies Inc Attorneys

Tanya is trustworthy and is highly self driven. She has supported Dynamic Wealth in a very difficult time when we had to retrench 200 employees. Her work ethics are in the top 1% of the work force.

Cobus van Wyk - Chief Executive Officer

Tanya is a principled, dedicated and very hard worker who always does her best to achieve the best for all parties in any situation as her upward progression in her current organisation shows. Her innate drive, willingness to learn and passion for the HR profession will make her a valuable asset for any organisation.

Dr. Mike Wannenburg BA (Hons) MBA PhD

Tanya is a hard worker with strong values and manages her department and KPA's effeciently and productively. She handled pressure situations regarding the staff excellently. I can reccommend Tanya for any position in the Human Capital environment. She will impress you with her dedication.

Dr. Johan Erasmus - Director

I have enjoyed working with Tanya over the last few years and gotten to know her to be very capable, well-organised, efficient and highly ethical. She treats all with respect and dignity. Tanya is a dynamic, self-driven, pasionate individual who has extensive knowledge in her field. I can highly recommend her services, and I am confident that she will make a positive contribution to any firm.

Pierre van der Merwe - Senior Assocate, Bester & Rhoodie Attorneys

One can say a lot about a person, but Tanya is just Awesome... She is just, plain and simple, a wonderful Human Being.

Jaco Britz - Medical Aid Outsourcing

Tanya is extremely capable and efficient and maintains high ethical standards in everything she does. She is always willing to help where needed and will do so in a friendly and effective manner.

Johan Welgemoed - Software Development Manager